Hello everyone. I grew up in the final years of wide-use film photography, and never had a good film camera of my own (or what I would call a good digital, for that matter.) I've always been fascinated with film though, and lately have had enough disposable income to make the leap.

Rolleiflexes, to me, have always been one of the sexiest pieces of machinery ever assembled by man. Though I feared I'd never be able to afford one, I lucked out on ebay. An earlier model Automat, it has no bayonet adapter for the viewing lens, and no shutter release safety. It's in somewhat rough outer condition - the leather is extremely dry and the top panel is starting to remove itself; there is also a bit of rust stain slightly obscuring the Rolleiflex name on the face plate. As far as my knowledge of it's function though (admittedly limited), it seems to be sound. I'm unable to measure shutter speeds with any hope for accuracy, but the fastest seems quite fast, and the slowest is quite noticeably very slow. The lenses look very clear, and the back seems to have very good lockup. Oh, and the world looks wonderful through it

I have a Beseler 23C II enlarger in route, also found on ebay. It is without a lamp assembly, but, just as well; I plan on experimenting with compact fluorescent bulbs.

I also have a couple of boxes of film in 100 and 400 iso that I'll play around/test camera with once I've set up shop.

I look forward to speaking with you all, and maybe learning bit in the process.