Alright. My prints are done, labelled, and will be mailed this morning. Apologies everyone for the delay, this has been an incredibly busy semester for me, and I'm only now just catching up with everything.

Of course, I've received a lot of great cards from everyone this round, and these are what I have so far, in kind of a thematic order:

A couple of people reflected in side mirrors by Jim17x and bluejeh2
The old, abandoned and used by Matt King, TXFZ1, Kc2edh, and Mardan
A trade yard from piu58, an arcade by Peter Schrager, two presidential monuments by JimO, and a nice locomotive detail by Mark_S
Some moody oranges (I think) from Black Dog, and some gorgeous hydrangeas by rince -- wish I could get the textures and tones you got with this!
A great HIE shot by Sly (of course) -- I have a few rolls left of HIE myself, I hope I can find some worthwhile subjects for it when I move to Kyoto this spring
Some holiday cheer by George Nova Scotia -- I love the idea of these film masks!
A nice detailed shot of lichen and racing stripes from bluejeh -- this photo really appeals to me for reasons I can't explain (other than maybe it's something I would shoot myself!)
A happy little bird by Andy C., who was also kind enough to send me a card from Steelbar, as it apparently got stuck to his and made it's way to Australia instead of Japan! Thanks Andy!
People jumping (wet or dry) by labcoat and BoxBrownie -- these two prints go really well together!
Two very different kinds of markets by anikin (Taipei) and kraker (France)
Contemplative "Krishna" by drpsilver, and the very fun "Be the Art" by mjs
And last, but not least, "Mann mit Hut" by pilami. Love the subject, the framing, the paper. Definitely my favorite of this round.

Thanks everyone!