Hi all

Spent 35 years as a snap shooter using film (126, Polaroid, disk, 110, 135). Early convert to digital. Then became more enthusiastic, hence, my first SLR camera had a D in front of it. Then less than two years ago, spotted a Pentax ME Super in a charity shop. Started buying old film cameras, and discovering more about film then I did "in the day". Eventually started home processing b/w film, and just about reached the 50 roll mark. No interest yet in printing, instead, main interest is scanning (Epson V500) and sharing online.

My favourite film cameras, in order of use are presently my: 1) Olympus XA2's. 2) Bronica SQ-A, 3) Pentax ME Super, 4) Lubitel 166B, 5) Olympus Trip 35. Also sometimes like to use a box brownie, box coronet, and an Agfa Isolette. By the way, I've stopped the camera collecting now

I enjoy photographing people, sometimes dogs, pop culture.

About to attempt C-41 film process using Rollei Digibase - after fouling up with a little kit, I now have a 5L kit awaiting, along with about fifty AgfaPhoto 135 films from Poundland! Hence my attraction to this site - to seek advice and support on my giddy venture into C-41.