Someone dropped off 4 gallons of Edwal speed fixer. Anyone ever use this stuff. I use some of their products I like them a lot. Along with the fixer, well also got about 6 packages of Kodak hypo clear, and some Microdol X.
As a non user of Kodak products I don't have a clue how long these powerders can be kept before use. I do know that they now put a date of their chemisty (or so I have been told). none of these packages are dated.

I hate to throw a "gift horse" away, but students don't need to be using materials that might fail. We seem to do enough of that on our own.

In the past I have tossed out stuff and then had second thoughts.

We are very lucky that folks in this area have been generous, on the other hand sometimes it is hard. Like having a gallon of photo flo sitting around.
trying to figure out what else one can do with the stuff.