By the way, at the workshop we will have a variety of medium format and 4x5 large format cameras available to use.

If you have any friends, spouses or loved ones (), or anyone else who has an interest in film photography, please refer them to this workshop! Wouldn't it be great if your significant other went on photo outings with you? Just sayin'


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While not only a Large Format workshop, we're going to be learning how to shoot with black and white film cameras and process without a darkroom for 5 days on a beautiful island.

We will use 35mm, medium and large format cameras to take photos on Monhegan Island, while learning the basics of film photography—from loading cameras and selecting film through film development to film scanning and printing via inkjet and alternative contact print processes like VanDyke Brown. Instead of a darkroom, we'll be using daylight tanks to process film in the studio on the island. Only the loading of film holders and daylight tanks will have to be done in the dark. Alternating with the learning basic theory of film photography and working in the "darkroom", we will take daily hikes to the extraordinary locations that Monhegan Island provides.

Also assisting in this workshop will be Steve Aimone, of Aimone Art Services, a well known artist and workshop presenter for over 20 years.

More information, syllabus and registration found here: