If you don't have a darkroom how can you do contact printing? I'm asking cause that would be interesting even to me lol
I'm planning on doing just that out here in Iowa. I have a room that can be dark enough (as long as no one else turns on any lights just outside the room) and I won't have water in the darkroom, just the trays. I can take the fixed prints out to the sink for washing and I just plan to do RC for here. I'll be using a small light bulb on a timer (thanks, Rick A) and have a safelight bulb to put in place of the room's light.

This workshop sounds good even to me if it gets me to Maine. Beautiful place to shoot. And I was only shooting smaller stuff the last time I was up there - 4x5 would be so much fun. Any chance there'd be help figuring out movements? I'm definitely a visual learner and reading about Scheinflug (sp?) just whooshes over my head.