Fuji are squeezing Canons Nikons etc., dcam sales?
I have a Kodak all-in-one inkjet/scanner and use Double-X in still cams but a decade since I bought Kodak colour.
Cine film is in ICU. Ilford got out decade ago.
Local shops here must be selling Fuji rebrands10x Kodak and Ilfords volume combined? ignoring green box sales...
Profit after tax is a meaningful metric raw margin is merely an account item on a spreadsheet.
I live in an exKodak town in 1983 a Kodak insider told me Kodak were dead I inquired about his pension he said he had 'been paid a fortune to switch out the lights.' I was shooting his son's wedding on Kchrome 25. He asked why - 'bride likes sat colours'.