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Instant gratification kills that joy.
All jokes aside, this is true for me. Instant gratification is not all it is keyed up to be. The beauty of taking time to get results, is that during the process there is more time to think and to enjoy each step.

To me, undeveloped film is a very valuable thing that I protect dearly, because I'm afraid of losing what is on them. It's stressful to take exposed rolls of film through customs at the airport for example.
Even though I enjoy having a little treasure trove of exposed film waiting to be processed, I am also a bit anxious to get it done. If there are too many rolls in queue it actually feels like a burden. But that's part of the beauty too, the excitement of finally getting the film processed, to see what's on the rolls of film. When they are finally developed, the joy of validating successes or failures is a lot of fun, and to make contact sheets to make sure processing is going as it should, and so on is magic.

To finally get to print negatives on silver paper is the best part for me. It's a feeling of completeness and a satisfaction to have come full circle with the picture. Each frame is like a little project.