What will guarantee you a speeding ticket in a number of small towns in the sagebrush part of the West is simply the presence of out-of-state plates on your vehicle. This is the low-tech reliable way that has worked for decades. Here in techie land, during the tax drought of recent recessionary years, a number of cities here installed rigged red light cameras, which, via the magic of digital technology, made certain the light was always red in the evidence tape (converted out of state to something "web friendly"); but in this circumstance, the local magistrates have generally sided with the drivers, and in all but one city around here, have outright banned use of these devices. Doesn't make the road any safer either way. The Highway Patrol always seems to stop someone who looks like they have money for a fine.... If someone unlicensed and uninsured is driving down the freeway on three temporary spares and one flat (which I have certainly seen), they
know it's a waste of time to ticket them or confiscate the clunker, cause they'll just abandon it anyway, and buy another one.