Hello Apug,

I've been offered a Durst Laborator 1200 with several Componon-S's for a bargain, but the enlarger is missing its power supply and some of the negative carriers are slightly broken (and probably some of the gears are a bit worn out, but overall the enlarger seems ok, without any visible damage). It is being offered to me by my regular provider, and in my city there are just a few others: I don't think he is trying to rip me off, so I trust what he says about it. I have an Omega D5, which has been used over the years and is working despite some visible wear. He is offering me to trade the enlargers, because although the Durst is more sophisticated, my Omega is working and needs no extra pieces, which are usually hard to find. What should I do? I'm very tempted, do you think that I could get a power supply (even a generic one if the originals are too expensive or rare) and get that beauty working again?

Thanks for your help.