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When you look at the data sheets for the IR400 http://www.maco-photo.de/files/image...red400_eng.pdf and
Retro 400s http://www.maco-photo.de/files/image...6_01_09_en.pdf. The shape of the spectral sensitivity graphs is identical and importantly the portion above the 720nm cut of of an IR filter is the same.
I cannot speak for other countries' laws but if the OP is right then I think that there may be an infringement of the Trades Descriptions Act if it uses the same specifications for what may or may not be different products.

At the very least it is difficult to see how this can just be a careless mistake. This cannot do anything but damage Rollei's reputation. If it cannot be trusted to give the right specifications then it raises the question of what it can be trusted with.

The OP having done some research has asked a good question. I hope he gets to the truth of this subject