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The user could register shops themselves so there will not be so much work to produce.

... only very few shops-labs registered.
And therein lies the problem. The app is probably easy. It's the data collection that is the snag.

Wiki type collections of data are proposed on this and other forums all the time - usually internet based, but times are evolving. Who's going to do all the "registering"? Perhaps some entities don't wish to be registered!

And maybe it's not needed.

We all know where we can get film locally. I live in a metro area of 6 million, and I know all 3 places I can get film. However, that's a moving target as it's not the same short list it was a few years ago. When one travels, one can ask on a forum such as this: "I'm going to <blank> ..." and someone from blank can tell you where to buy film at that time.