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I cannot speak for other countries' laws but if the OP is right then I think that there may be an infringement of the Trades Descriptions Act if it uses the same specifications for what may or may not be different products.

I don't think this would infringe the Trades Descriptions Act. As long as the actual description is accurate I don't think there is anything to say you can't sell the same thing under two different labels. For instance, lots of supermarket brand baked beans are made Heinz. It is down to us, the consumers, to be savvy in our shopping habits.

I know Rollei aren't the greatest company when it comes to being up front about their products, however they do continue to support film use so I'm happy to buy their products. Their film is never going to be the bulk of what I shoot but if I can get IR film for 2.49 a roll I will snap it up.