Recently, I picked up the Canonet QL17 (two of them), a Minolta Hi-Matic F, an Olympus 35 RC and Rollei XF 35.

I am very impressed with the build quality of the Canonet, but was disappointed by the massive amount of foam in it. Plus, the foam degraded, causing some deterioration of the black paint on the camera's interior.

The Minolta is a small camera with ZERO information in the viewfinder. I need to figure out a battery solution (it uses two fat cells that are no longer available).

The Olympus - have one already. They are lovely little cameras.

The Rollei, as much as I like the brand, is of dubious quality. This is my third and is the best of the XF 35s that I've owned. At least, the rangefinder on this one doesn't fall out of calibration when I put the camera on a table.