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But now digital photographers have to spend time chained to a computer. Ugh.
Yup. I basically jumped ship on digital, trading it away for a 645 rig because of this. I spend all my days working on my computer, so why would I want to spend more time on the computer after hours?

Plus, after a summer monsoon shoot on BLM land, I took the greatest care shooting digital, and haphazardly shooting away a roll of Provia in an ME Super, I spend hours fine tuning white balance, after spending hours sorting through dozens of photos, all bracketed, trying to decide what to print. My slides came back after all that, and my colors were dead-on how I wanted them...

With B&W I usually process right away, but I'm still excited about what's on the roll. I usually spend less time per shot getting a good wet print than I do fiddling with digital images. I go through color film slowly, and I've even had rolls of 135-36 spanning months. When I finally finish them, I handle them like they are the holy grail... treat them like there's nothing in the world more valuable, drop them off at the post office, and wait on pins and needles for their return.