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I would appreciate that diagram. How much do you think a shipment of your spare transformer would cost, and how much would you charge for it? What is the problem with using another 250w 24v power supply? How could I plug a timer to any power supply other than the ones from durst?
Need an email address to send the info to.

Shipping the transformer from the UK is not really viable - It is really heavy.

The TRA-450 contains a relay to switch the 24V supply on and off (some versions used a triac) - The relay is powered by the timer, so is quite simple in operation.
If you are good with electronics, I'd perhaps suggest building a stabilised DC power supply and use a MOSFET or IGBT to turn the lamp on/off. Use the open source f-stop timer http://www.apug.org/forums/forum43/9...-released.html to drive the MOSFET/IGBT and you'd have a very useful setup.

If you don't know one end of a soldering iron from the other, then all of the above will (probably) be gibberish to you..