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It is down to us, the consumers, to be savvy in our shopping habits.

I know Rollei aren't the greatest company when it comes to being up front about their products, however they do continue to support film use so I'm happy to buy their products. .
Fine by me if you believe that Rollei is OK to sell effectively the same product at different prices using "clever marketing" which amounts to using a different name. If I had the choice of buying two double glazing products from company X and one was given a name which strongly suggested it was designed for a specific circumstance and was more expensive than the other but I later discovered that the cheaper double glazing did exactly the same job at a cheaper price then it wouldn't be fine for me.

I don't suppose that Rollei support film out of a sense of nostalgia or philanthropy but do so to make money. This is OK by me but I do want any company I deal with to be honest about its products.

I take my electricity from Npower but if it sold "more efficient and powerful electricity" at a higher price I'd be upset if the "more efficient" electricity still only powered a 1 kilowatt fire for an hour the same as the "cheaper standard electricity"

I'd hope the electricity regulatory body would be a little upset as well