I think that's true. All the modern lenses are pretty good these days.

The issue I was pointing to is really a more practical one. If you need, say, an ultrawide lens or a 500mm lens or a digital back, this is a pretty expensive proposition in general for most medium format systems in current production, but in most major US cities, you can rent those lenses for Hassy or Mamiya RB/RZ, but not for Bronica. Worldwide, it's probably easier to rent equipment for Hassy than Mamiya.

For me the attraction of the older Bronica S2A system is that I can own a complete system with a full range of lenses from 40mm to 500mm, accessories, backs, and an extra body for about the cost of a new Hassy and two lenses, but I'm not depending on this for my income, and I'm not interested in acquiring a digital back.