So, I fix the gasket issue for the cap and set up to develop a roll of B&W. Everything looking good, then the piston seal breaks in half. Well, what do I expect form an old piece of whatever it was. Determined to make this drum work again, I figured out a way to make it work well ( does not leak ) with a regular O-ring. So back to trying to develop that roll of B&W. It's all together and away I go with the developer. About half way through, the plastic cap on the end splits and my developer starts dribbling out. I let it run through the rest of the time, do the stop, and just fix with the tank upright. Negative mostly OK, one frame has noticeable uneven development. So, With the cap gone, I made another with some rubber I have. Now, with all the parts that can cause a leak addressed, I think the tank is good to go. Why am I wasting so much time on this drum when I have better equipment to process with.... I guess I have just been in a somewhat nostalgic mode lately and am bound and determine to put a few rolls through it, plus it has been somewhat entertaining making it all work again.