I've done a bit more digging and comparison of data sheets. On the Maco website, which I completely concede may not be accurate, the Rollei IR film looks a lot closer to the Rollei Retro 400s film. As mentioned previously the spectral sensitivity graphs look the same for both. For Rollei Superpan 200 the graph looks quite different although it still has IR sensitivity http://www.maco-photo.de/files/image...4-06-15_en.pdf.

One give away is in the URL of the IR 400 datasheet includes retro 400s and Infrared alongside Aviphot pan400s which is the Agfa name for this film. maco-photo.de/files/images/Retro400S_Infrared_aviphot_pan400S_2006_01_09_en.p df. I'm guessing that at least at some point in the past Retro 400 and IR 400 were the same film. If they are different now that will require some testing.

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I never bought IR 400, but I know that the current version of 400s is Agfa Aviphot pan 200, an aerial film: http://www.agfa.com/docs/sp/aerial/a...4-06-15_en.pdf .
It is sold by Maco under the names Superpan 200 and Universal 200 too. Please keep in mind, that it has only 100 ASA in most developers.
This is interesting, I've hear that the Retro 400s is actually aviphot Pan200 although I don't know why they wouldn't use Aviphot Pan400. I didn't realise that people consider that it is a 100 speed film in reality. Certainly the datasheets online would suggest that this isn't the case. I've used the IR 400 at 400 without a filter and developed in HC-110 for the recommended 8.5 minutes and whilst there was reasonable shadow detail, the mid tones were darker than I would have imagined. I've not printed any of the non-IR images yet but have scanned a few. I guess the test will come when I get in the darkroom.