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The original Agfa MCC was great for lith about 15 years ago. If gave lots of contrast but smooth tones with yellow/reddish mid tones. The strange thing was that (to me) it never seemed very pliable. It had one look unlike say Forte Polywarmtone which could be anything from gritty gritty to fine smooth tones. The Agfa was great in keeping consistent look in prints and I did quite a bit of printing for fashion clients with it.

At some point, the formulation must have changed as it suddenly went far more gritty so I stopped using it for lith. (This happened to another great lith paper Process Lith which later changed into Fotospeed Lith and by then had gone all gritty.) Have tried the Adox MCC for lith and was more on the gritty side though did get a print I quite liked.
Mike, do you remember which Agfa box lith'd well and if the change coincided with a change in the box the paper comes in?

(ps. we need to contact Webster's about a verb entry for lith)