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I've been using a SQA, together with an 80mm and a 50mm (both earlier "S" versions) for the last 2 weeks! I bought the complete outfit, together with a 120 back,a plain prism and correct lens hoods on THAT auction site (in the UK). The outfit is in lovely condition and I only paid 650 UK Pounds for the lot. I have just developed 3 rolls of black and white film - Ilford Delta 100. I AM IMPRESSED!! The quality of the lenses FAR exceeds what I was expecting. The camera handles well both on and off the tripod and is well built. I'm sure I'll find some "quirks" as I use it more, but at the moment I'm very pleased. As for going pro? I would be inclined to invest in a used Hasselblad if funds allow. I was looking for a MF set up to run alongside a 5x4 system, the SQA fitted the bill. But if I was turning pro then I would opt for the hasselblad. BUT - the camera won't make you a better photographer! If you find a good used Bronica then give it a try and see how you get on. If you decide on one then look for the SQAi.
You might want to look at a Speed Grip for it, makes it handle more like a 35mm SLR with the thumb advance film winder. It also has a hot shoe on it for small flash units and couples the flash directly to the camera.
As far as pro work, plenty of wedding photogs use Bronicas with no problems.