Greetings all,

On the request of my wife, I need to re-adjust the temporary bench space that I use in our laundry (that has become pseudo permanent at the moment). What my plan is now, is to build a light weight semi-permanent bench. As things go, I am now contemplating making this into a smallish darkroom sink.

I was going to make it out of PVC sheeting, but have decided that using standard Ply will be simpler (I can just screw and glue and the shape is done). The biggest hurdle is getting plywood (my local hardware stores only generally sell thin sheets) and my knowledge of making ply waterproof!

OK, what common Australian products (hence why I posted in the Australian sub-forum) should I be looking for to waterproof ply, to a standard that will hold water for 8 or so hours? Or should I actually coat it in fibre glass sheeting and epoxy? Or are there other materials I should be considering?