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Here is the FAQ I was reading. Don't know how hold it is, but it refers to the $6 price point and the sulfite issue. It also discusses product development cooperation by Harman/Ilford, Impossible Project, and others.

And here is a slideshow of New55 photo test examples. Presumably these were made using the early hand-assembled prototypes. They are claiming the process is almost ready for commercialization and all they need is the startup funding to scale it up.

Balanced pos/neg exposures and a Graflok mount sounds like happy portrait days for a Crown Graphic. There were 3 or 4 unused NOS 545 holders on the ugly auction site just last evening. And over a hundred nice used ones, many for about the $20 each quoted by Stone.

[Edit: Click here for an interesting description by Zoe Wiseman of trying out five prototype sheets of New55, and how it compares to the original Polaroid Type 55 film. Side-by-side examples of both are included. This appears to have been published on September 2, 2012.]

Hope they end up using ilford film that matches something current like FP4+ we shall see...