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Is the #500 holder the same as the 545 for this venture? I may have another holder around, but it's likely about 1000 miles away.
Not sure, Bethe. I read the FAQ link and they only mentioned 545s. I'm not enough of a Polaroid expert to know, so I just went ahead and picked up a nice 545 holder cuz' it just sounds like too much fun.

I'm not even thinking of using it on a tripod camera. It's the Crown I'm thinking of for street portraits. Maybe with a bucket of sulfite/fixer in the car trunk, and some individual square Tupperware containers filled with water as holding tanks until I get back home?

Hmm. Maybe I should have grabbed a lighter 545i plastic holder instead for hand-holding?

Not really sure about the standard workflow for this kind of stuff when using it in the field. Maybe someone can correct my newbie-ness regarding how it's done?