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As a 1V owner:

1. You will never even remotely use those 45 points. If anything you'll probably set the thing to zone out on it's own and not mess with it.
2. You will never download data from it because a: who cares, b: you won't find the cable, c: you won't find the software.
3. The 1N is a perfectly usable EF autofocus body that will burn film all day and night with the best of them. At the price Bruce has it at, it's quite a decent deal.

He's asking a paltry $150, which is patently crazy for such a proven, pro-grade, beautiful, functional and never-say-die camera. Double it to $300. These bodies go for about $560 here in Australia, more again with power drive booster E1.

Canon really turned a lot of photographers off with that silly, gimmicky 45-point centrally-clustered focus point selection design. It's the main reason I never moved from the workhorse EOS 1N, which I have now had for more than 20 years.