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In my own job I stress the the difference between this product being American made and costing a little more and that same specification product being Chinese produced and costing less. I am happy to remark that many will buy the American made product when it is promoted to support American jobs, and many of those buying it are people who have fought in our war's from Vietnam to present day. Those who buy the Chinese made product are generally those not born in the U.S. or where there is no onshore American made product.
What about if the Chinese product is better more reliable and half the price what would the public do then ?, because I have never seen a Chinese product in recent years that I can say in all honesty that at an equivalent price to a Western made one that it was inferior. The Chinese are doing what the Japanese did after WW11 to getting their foot in the door of Western markets by going for the cheap end of the market first, but they won't be satisfied with that for long, because they are capable of manufacturing high quality goods, and while people console themselves that their home grown products are superior, unfortunately the public are voting with their wallets.