OK peeps,

I think this should be rough and ready enough:
  • Size - It will need to be no longer then 1000mm and probably around 780mm wide - this will fit at 3 16 x12 trays.....just
  • Sides no higher then 200mm
  • I'd say I would use probably 9mm or 12mm standard grade ply. I want to be able to screw it all together
  • All the joins would be sealed with silicon
  • A plastic waste
  • once constructed, cover the inside of the sink with fibreglass resin, without the fibre sheeting
  • frame out of timber and on wheels/castors - I want to be able to wheel the thing around if needed
  • and make sure the wife approves of the changes before I build it.....

I'll also use the temporary bench that I already have. This will be more then suitable for additional trays if and when needed

Does this sound viable enough?