Or does it? Transferring my CPP2 "head" onto my CPA2 trough (cause it has a drain). After removing the lift from the CPA-2 and putting it on my CPP-2 I noticed a tiny o-ring on the floor. I looked around and can't really find a spot where it would go. Now I did think the pump housing was a handle so that came out in my hand. Put the thing back together and the pump didn't work. I noticed that when I put the pump housing back that the impeller shaft is suppose to stick through the hole in the bottom of the housing. It looks as though the o-ring could fit around the impeller shaft and sit at the bottom hole. So that's where it is living now but not sure it belongs there. It's also possible that it's not from the Jobo at all but just a random o-ring on my garage floor but I doubt it.