A new inventory is helping us bring prices down - across the board on many new and current Jobo product line. We have just updated many of the prices on our webstore (www.catlabs.info) and on our Ebay outlet (http://stores.ebay.com/catlabs-jobo-outlet), where you can also find used, and rare items such as Hewes SS reels specially designed to be used with Jobo plastic 1" cores, as well as a huge selection of spare parts for pretty much all Jobo ATL machines.

10-30% price drop on almost all 1500 and 2500 takns and reels

30-40% price drop on Jobo accessories such as roller bases, washers and process thermometers

Found something for less - we will beat any price on a new Jobo product.

We also have one brand new Jobo Printlab, a tabletop RA4 (or BW) print processor, which comes with a truck load of spare parts to keep you going forever.