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Last month I purchased a new Leica MP with 50mm f1.4 summilux in limited edition high gloss black paint (not the usual black laquer). With less than 5 rolls of Tri-x through it I took it on a week long Boy Scout trip in Idaho. On day five I was having a snack of mustard sardines and crackers and after I bit into just cracker I looked down to see oil and mustard sauce on the top and front of the camera and a large sardine on the ground. Nothing got on the lens. The funny thing was this did not bother me. I got it to shoot not to sit on a shelf or worse yet in the box. Some Q-tips and mouth wash cleaned it up fine. The alcohol in the mouthwash cut the oil, (I cant expect vodka from my Boy Scouts) and killed the mustard smell. I got one small scratch on the top and some brassing from the strap, and some great photos. The wear looks great. It is not abuse that is what it was made to do not sit like an art object. My point is if you are able to own fine cameras and great lenses use them not your second rate gear, thats what they were meant to do. This also goes for all fine things, automobiles, watches, firearms, china and crystal etc. A Porsche that never leaves the garage is as sad as a Hasselblad in a display cabinet.
I was going to suggest getting cat. It will probably be cleaned up in a flash. No sure if everything else will survive thought.