I've been making 16 X 20 prints for about a year in my very small darkroom, with the trays on three shelves of a rolling cart. That arrangement works, but is very awkward, since the bottom shelf is almost on the floor. Among other things, I had to shorten my darkroom apron, because it kept getting into the bottom (fixer) tray and emptying trays without spilling them was really hard. I've been using an 11 X 14 Leedal tray ladder for years and it certainly makes printing that size easier, but a Google search for the larger store led to only one US result, at Calumet, which lists a 16 X 20 Leedal tray ladder as "Out of Stock–Taking Orders" Since no other stores, including B&H and Adorama listed these, I assumed that the listing was some artifact of their computer system. Leedal couldn't really still be in business, could it. Anyway, Calumet had a "free shipping" sale in December and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try placing an order. I got back an automated response that the item was on back order and that back-ordered items usually ship in three to four weeks. I didn't have very high expectations, but the thing has just been shipped and should arrive next week. I wonder if I'm getting the very last one manufactured–I hope not. I anticipate that this piece of equipment will make 16 X 20s almost as easy as smaller sizes.

Now, if only my archival print washer took 16 X 20s. I've been washing them in a large tray, with a tray syphon and that seems like a step backward, but it works.