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No; I'm not likely to ever go beyond 11x14, and probably won't even get to that size for a while. Just on the basis of specifications, I'd speculate that the latest 150mm El-Nikkor, which is optimized for 4X magnification, would be better when making 16x20s, and probably for 11x14s as well.
Thanks, Sal. It sounds like some folks on this thread feel the Apo Rodagon N 150 is the tops of the lot (contrast, fall-off, distortion, speed?) save for the mystical and reassuringly expensive Apo El Nikkor. And I was quite happy with my plain, new-style El Nikkor 150...

PKM-25, I saw that one, too. Bit pricey, I'd think, more than the going rate so far, but I guess they are rareish. Thanks for pointing out.