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I keep saying how many young people I run into that *LOVE* shooting film and how they are not only not jaded from losing products that very few ever used but are amazed at how many great films there are out there.

So every year, I shoot black and white at the Winter X Games and this year it is some of my Kodak HIE in 35mm & 120. Today, this 21 year old woman was over the moon to see me shooting a Nikon FM3A and Hasselblad. We talked for awhile and she really echoed what I have been telling you all for years, stop pining for what we no longer have, get out and crush it with fresh imagery on film, because that is what moves film forward, not AARP conventions of how it used to be....
+1, exactly Daniel.
I am also teaching film photography to young photographers. And they are always asking me: "Wow, so much different films, so much variety, which ones should I use...." .

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- In BW I have now more options compared to the time when I started BW as a young guy. And the films are of much better quality. Delta 100, TMY-2, CMS 20 II, CoRa? I only could have dreamt of such amazing films at my beginning.
- And for color: The quality difference is even bigger. I prefer having three really excellent films to having ten mediocre films. I don't miss Kodachrome for example, Provia 100F is so much better in all parameters.
- Movie: Here in my area all the cinemas have installed digital projectors parallel to the film projectors, so the film projectors are all still there and can be used at least.