I am rewiring the head for 120V, I thought that was clear.

I am doing this to eliminate the 24 volt power supplies which must be very unreliable as it came with 4 of them. I just don't see the point of running 24 volt. Cost of conversion is minimal.

Primarily my initial problem is/was bad cabling and missing interlock connectors. The seller said it worked as is, but it sure doesn't.

The mixing box is fine, and I am doing only B&W and will use it for 8x10 to 16x20 or larger.

The timer is still a WIP. But I do know it won't be a f-stop timer...

Vinny, I know 1200 watts is a lot of light, my DIY 1000 watt LED head needs to run at 20%. I may use this on a horizontal wall mural projection chassis.