I haven't used this equipment enough recently to justify keeping a camera of this size...

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S body with 90/3.8 NB lens, 2- 120 backs, waist level finder, 77mm polarizing filter, manual, collapsible hood, body and lens caps.
Both backs and the rotating adaptor have been re-sealed.

Frame spacing is good with both backs, shutter fires nicely at all speeds. I shot 8 rolls with it commercially last month-4 B&W and 4 chrome-with great results.

Cosmetically it does not show much wear for a professional camera. Occasionally the shutter cocking lever requires 2 presses to return, maybe every 20 frames or so, but it has always been that way and I never found it to be a problem. This is a camera for slow, deliberate photography.

One of the backs had the leatherette replaced and it was done sloppily, the other back is pristine.

*I may consider a trade for a 645 format rangefinder or SLR of similar value.

The price is $330.

I'd like to keep shipping in the CONUS for now. It's a big package to ship- just under 10 pounds, so I will split the cost of Priority Mail insured shipping with the buyer. Thanks for looking!