Hello all,

I've been developing my own b/w negatives for a couple years, but just came in to a free enlarger setup so I thought I'd give printing a try. It's too tempting.

I bought kodak chemistry - dektol/fixer/indicator stop. I mixed up the dektol and fixer and realized I didn't quite follow the directions properly. I dissolved the packet (makes 1 gallon) into 3L of 95F water, fine. Then I believe my mistake was adding 800ml to that solution which actually made more than 1 gallon. I'm thinking what I should have done was added water to the mixed solution and bring the total volume up to 1 gallon. I've had 2 kids to myself while mom was out of town for work, so my mind is a bit mushy. That's my excuse anyway. And I can't be the first to do this

I feel a bit embarrassed, but wondering if that's a problem for the stock solution (maybe shelf life?).

When I mix a working batch, can I dilute slightly less to compensate? I figure the working solution is now 24 oz more, roughly, accounting for the volume of the powder (I know dry vol may be slightly different from wet vol, but I'm just estimating). So it's 152 oz total and the water-to-solution percent is now about 84% instead of about 80% for the proper mix. So 4% more water. Can I add 4% less water when making he working batch (about 5 ml) to compensate?

I also did this for the fixer too. Doh!

Am I being silly? I'm sure I'll get suggestions to buy more chemicals and mix again because they're so cheap, but if I can redeem my mistake I'd like to.

Any help would be appreciated!