For black and white printing, the Apo Rodagons will give you a subtle increase in microtexture which can be quite rewarding, provided you also
have an equal quality paper capable of responding to the difference. With color printing, a lot depends ... I might even use different lenses of
the same focal length when printing a color neg versus a chrome, just to tweak the contrast a tad, despite having already done so by supplementary silver masking. I'll admit that I'm a bit of an enlarging lens junkie. But collecting good ones is not terribly expensive in this day
and age, at least, if you're patient. But don't get too patient about a 150 Apo Rodagon - not many people are willing to part with them! And
yes, in the characteristic I just described, I would rate the Apo-Rodagon above a modern El Nikkor, though that is itself a desirable lens.