The two main reasons not to use 2-bath fixing are space/convenience and up-front cost. It obviously depends on the quantity of printing done.

If cost is a main issue, it's often suggested that simple fixer (sodium thiosulphate plus a little sodium sulphite) be used as the second fixer bath*.

If it is correct that Ilford's claim that wash aid (mostly sodium sulphite) is a suitable second bath, then perhaps an economical second bath that might be better would be a dilute simple fixer (maybe a handful of sodium thiosulphate and a spoonful of sodium sulphite) to a Litre of water. The downside would be that it wouldn't be suitable to be promoted to first fixer bath when the used first one is discarded.

* simple fixer might be better if one is tempted to go straight to selenium toner without a rinse.