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I don't know about Kodak products availabiliity but to check for residual silver on a print you can use a simple solution of Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner and water.

Place a couple of drops of KRST 1:9 on the emulsion in a clear area. Let it sit for two to three minutes and squeegee off. There should be no stain. Residual silver will be apparent as a fairly dark yellow or brownish stain.

You can do this after fixing or after washing, but before toning.

Most of the stuff I'm actually bothered about being archival I'll be selenium toning anyway (albeit with MACO at about 1:20 to get increased dmax without too much of a colour shift). If a stain caused by insufficient washing will show up that quickly and clearly I'm wondering whether I'm actually fussing about nothing here... What do you think?

Also, would the toner in this case need to be fresh or could it be stored for a while as a test kit?

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