A little self-serving promotion here for the maybe two or three people it might attract ....

Yours Truly is the featured artist for February and March at Community Music School, 775 West Main Street, in Trappe, Pa. That's just west of Collegeville on Ridge Pike/Main Street. (There is a parking lot behind the building.)


There is a reception at 7 PM, Saturday evening, February 8th. The event coincides with one of their concert series evenings, this one with the Academy of Vocal Arts. The AVA is sort of a post-grad career guidance institution for opera singers and last year's event was quite an impressive outing. The reception is free and open to the public, alas, there is an admission charge for the concert.

Barring that blinkety-blank white stuff, I expect to be there. The show will be up from around February 6th and the school is open 1:00 to at least 7:00 pm on week days, and on Saturday mornings. The show was supposed to come down March 10th, but the next artist just had a tragic house fire and it appears my stuff will be up until March 31. Anyone wanting my personal presence for a non-opening tour could PM me here, I'm about 20 minutes away -- and retired!

This is my first solo show (and may well be the last after experiencing the amount of work involved -- I'm supposed to be retired! Although I suppose if a miracle occurs and a flurry of stuff sells I might be seduced into trying another.

And for your safety -- I will NOT be singing!