Thanks everyone!
I really have no problem with automation because I know at times we simply don't have the few seconds to make the settings manually. Automation is there for us to use.
I don't have any problem either if one would rely on automation all the time and have no desire to make the settings manually ever.
What I was saying is that for a beginner and if this person at some point in his/her future would wish to use manual controls then it's much easier to start with manual. I have seen many posts in the internet forum (may be I spent way to much time reading them) that someone is asking on how to start using manual controls on their cameras. I have never seen anyone saying that they started out using manual and now they need advice on how to make use of the automation available on their cameras. For a beginner I don't think composition and any artistic aspect is important to them because before they even buy the camera they already know what kind of pictures they want to take and that's the reason why they bought the camera to begin with. It's the people who have practiced photography for a while would need to start concentrate on the artistic aspect. Like I said spending about 1/2 hour to learn how to focus the camera and set the exposure is all it takes. At this point they won't be able to get results any better than if they put the camera on auto but the can get the same result, spending a little time, but what they gain is the understanding of how the camera works.