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I agree with you, Michael, except for the above quotation. As Michael R stated in POST #8, I shoot film and make silver prints because I enjoy the process from start to finish. I work on computers at my job and use them in my life. When I want to be creative I look to a hands on process, silver photography. Photography for me is not a profession, only a passion. So I would say that there is a clear 3rd reason which is neither self delusion nor made up nonsense.
You're absolutely right and Michael R is also. We all come to these discussions from a different mindset/life experience/preference.

Mine is professional feasibility, enjoyment, and ease of use and I see the world through those eyes. I got very tired of spending all those hours in the darkroom on a daily basis, and love working in the light. Half the time I'm on APUG I'm working on the other computer right beside it retouching and printing. I absolutely get that people who work on computers all day are sick of them.

So I agree that the love of the process is a major reason for people to use one or the other.