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As a temporary source of ventilation (for a temporary spare-bedroom . . . errrm . . . I mean darkroom) I put a big column-mounted electric-fan inside the 'darkroom' and pointing at the open doorway every time I went out to take a print to the washer. It isn't ideal obviously, but it made a noticeable difference - helped by having to open the door so often of course. Optimistically, I hoped that blowing air out of the room would create a less vigorous dust-circulation than blowing air inwards from the corridor.
Oooh I have a fan!!!

Ok, another question. At the moment I'm washing prints in a bucket of water. Dipping it in and out and soaking it in between. Makes it easier for me and I don't have to walk through my cat and dog hair-filled hallway, through the kitchen.

Any issues with bucket washing?