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Well you know what "they" say- "if it's not Bjorke, don't fix it" :rolleyes:
Heh, well let me put it another way:
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For the last ten years I have been using a small hand camera... Why? Because I want, again, the mobility that only a hand camera can give. The minute you have to set a camera on a tripod the whole way of working is changed because by the time you get it on the tripod whatever it is that was happening is gone. Also, if it concerns people they become self-conscious and they change. So the small camera is extremely valuable because it lets you work fast by seeing fast and becuase it uses materials that will record something in a relatively brief time. (1973)
of course, rocks and trees don't have these problems. Grace and suddeness are the strong points of the 35mm a primary essence of its usage is to make photographs snatched from life.

Sorry that the absurdity of "death to rocks" was lost.