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Anyway, I digress. So at times I notice white dots or hair like marks on my prints, and then they disappear on the next print of the same negative.

Ruling out the negative as the blemish is sporadic, is this debris on the paper or???
I'd say it's on the paper, as several others have noted.

If you wanted to do a conclusive test, and don't mind wasting a sheet of paper, you could dial the enlarging lens out-of-focus, then make a print. If you still get the white specks, you know that they can't possibly be dust on the negative ('cuz it would be too far out-of-focus).

I don't know your printing conditions, but if there is any open woodwork or the like above your enlarger, you might try taping a sheet of plastic dropcloth to the ceiling over the enlarger. This would stop debris from falling straight down.