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If you didn't blow the dust off neg between prints, then the specks or hair were probably on the paper when you had the enlarger light on. Doesn't matter in the developer after that, you can scatter all the dust you want at that point. Sometimes there are specks caused by stop bath being so strong they cause effervescence but doesn't sound like that to me in your case.

I for one, would rather have a white speck to spot on the print... than a black spot (caused by dust on the film before the light hits it in the camera). That's harder to retouch.
I'm convinced it's on the paper so. I'm also convinced it's coming from my home made light tight bag!! After I've finished my box of paper I'll use the bag from that instead as it's cleaner.

Retouching. Whoa! I'm just getting used to dodging/burning and exposing haha I'll give that a try at a later date!

I really want to share some of my prints but my scanner is so crap it renders the prints awfully. And you never get a good reproduction with a photo