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I agree with everything Blansky said except I don't buy the number one reason anyone would shoot film over digital is they like the look. I think at this point, given how far digital cameras and printers have come in terms of quality, that is baloney. I'm 100% analog, but I have to admit to myself at this point it has nothing to do with analog being better or looking different. It is strictly a matter of preference for darkroom work over computer work, and also that analog is what I know how to do. I have no interest in digital workflow, and that's about it. Coming up with other reasons seems mildly delusional.
I think film does look different. Silver halide reacts differently to light than a silicone sensor. Film does a 'better' job de-familiarizing the subject while digital often appears 'too' real. Then there are the analog lenses themselves many of which don't have a digital equivalent : all 6x6 120 lenses are as wide vertically as horizontally and simply paint a different looking image.