Agree with ntenny and that was basically my point earlier. Barring extreme procedures, in a blind test I doubt anyone can tell the difference at this point. The "film is better" or "film is different" argument may have applied earlier on, but by now the digital technology is so good I really think if we're honest with ourselves as analog workers, the only truly valid reasons we have for working in analog are that we enjoy it (and don't enjoy computers) and that it is what we know how to do. It isn't about differences in the final product anymore. At least in my case, I can't reasonably take that position. It's just that I love working in the darkroom, I love the workflow with film, chemistry etc., I love working under the enlarger, and these are skills I've worked hard on. I don't want to re-learn how to do it with software, and have no interest in that process. It wouldn't be enjoyable for me. I started photography in the darkroom, and I'll finish it there. If a time comes when I can't buy the materials anymore, I'll just allocate more time to my other hobbies.