There are other cameras if you want a user with different limitation and features for low light...

e.g. the Minolta hi-matic 7s has

maybe good - CLC metering (back lighting should be ok automatically)
good - program from 1/250@/22 to 1/15@/1.8 (i.e. not shutter priority)
bad - a lock below 1/15 in programmed mode, so you need to switch to manual, not fast... and the metering stops at 1/15@/1.8 but some of the others will force you to select a slower speed.
good - a EV display in manual
compromise - a max ISO of 800
bad - mercury battery dependency
bad - no depth of field scale(!)
compromise - finding one might be difficult though.

So in low light (~1/15@/1.8) forget about programmed, but some of the others are worse, at least the Olympus SP and Minolta 7s allow a meter reading in manual.

The other Minolta Hi-Matics (models) are (each) different.

If you are picky you need to down load each cameras manual, and then borrow the ones you might like - to try.